Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have been a giant slacker

when it comes to updating my blog! A lot has happened in the past month and as I sit here and type this I should actually be grading my student's projects. As I mentioned in the last post I got engaged Nov. 6 to the love of my life.

*Our engagement story*

Our engagement occurred three years to the day from when we became official. We took a weekend trip to Daytona Beach. I had already fallen asleep when Doug put the ring on my finger. I woke up at 6:00 a.m. freaking out because my finger was swoll en and was really tight. I thought what is this thing on my finger and why does it feel sooo tight?!?!? I woke Doug up quickly and said what is wrong with my finger?? That's when he replied, "Will you wake up next to me everyday for the rest of your life??" I said, "Absolutely!!!!!!" We stayed up to watch the sunrise before he fell back to sleep and I called everyone!

I have since found, fell in love with and purchased my dress! We have our venue and are currently working on everything else.

*As far as school goes*

We finished the book Black and White and the students loved it! We have now started The Odyssey. Today I taught them a story about Paris and Queen Helen. Their actions sparked the war and I felt it was necessary for the students to understand and know this information. Because I taught the story 6 times I have pretty much memorized it. Instead of reading the story word for word, I explained the story in a way the students could be understand. I used details and specific passages from the story but made sure there wasn't too much fancy language. Tomorrow we will work on the first book. I have a fun activity that has to do with food when we get to the cyclops section and I will be reporting back!

Wednesday was the first time I kicked students out of my class. I told three of them to leave to be exact. They decided to sleep and I asked repeatedly for them to sit up and wake up. They refused which turns into defiance and disrespect.  I finally said you need to leave and go see the 9th grade dean. Because I sent them out, I followed it with a phone call home and a referral. Hopefully they will get the message!!!!

As Christmas break approaches I know it will get tougher to hold their attention. I know I have my work cut out for me next week, but Friday I will reward the students (who come to school) for their hard work!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and weekend!

With love and holiday cheer,