Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY wreath

Thanks to a website called pinterest, there are so many new DIY projects out there that I want to do! I spent a little time crafting this weekend. One of them is a wreath that will eventually go on our door. I have to find a new door hanger because the one I bought doesn't work. :( Anyway, I am very happy with the way it turned out and can't wait to hang it. My sister did one as well for her house, DIY front door wreath. This particular project I found on pinterest and wanted to do it even more after I saw how hers turned out. I just happened to use our college colors because I thought the light yellow and the purple looked great together. :)

Materials needed:
1 wreath
hot glue gun (I bought a purple one :) )
floral wire
wooden numbers
door hanger

I bought half of the materials at hobby lobby and the other half at Michaels. I think I am starting to like Hobby Lobby more and more over Michaels. Which do you like best and why?

The project didn't take long and I think it is great! The husband loves it :)
Drying---please ignore my toes and the fact that the picture is sideways! 

 Here it is completely finished ready to hang!

What do you think? Have you done any fun, home decor projects lately?

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