Monday, April 9, 2012

Wonderful weekends and Easter Sunday

I have decided that weekends go by entirely too quick! I think we should work for four days and then have three day weekends!! That sounds wonderful to me :)

This weekend wasn't originally going to be busy, but it ended up being so as they always do! On Saturday, I helped teach the FCAT Saturday Success camp. These Saturday sessions are supposed to recap two different aspects of reading in order to help the students prepare for the FCAT test on April 16-17. My subject was literary analysis and because it is such a huge topic, I focused on theme, tone and mood. I felt like it went very well and the students were very engaged! It was rough getting up at 5:30 a.m. on my weekend!

Later that evening, we went to Senor Frogs to celebrate a friends birthday! We had a fabulous time! Ate, drank a lot and had a merry time! After we finished up, we decided to go putt putt golfing. It seemed like a good idea, but no one was playing seriously so we just kind of meandered through and played a hole here and there. It sure was funny to watch since most of us were a smidge intoxicated. Even though it was so much fun, I am sure some of us were paying the price the next morning.
The group at Senor Frogs

Easter Sunday! Our family went to church together at a Lutheran church downtown Orlando. It was a very nice service and it felt really good to be back in church since it has been since early January :-| We had Easter dinner at our parents house and it sure was yummy!

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