Monday, April 2, 2012

A weird Monday

I already posted today, but after the day I have had I figured I would share. Today was the first day back to work after spring break. I knew it was going to be rough, but things were weird today. My classroom number is 666 and because of that jokes are always made about demons and devils possessing it when something goes wrong.

This morning started off with the bells not working to signal the end and beginning of the classes. People were working on big deal because there have been issues all year with the intercom system. During 5th period, all of a sudden, the lights in my classroom flickered on and off  and then the emergency lights came on. When that happened, my printer stopped working, one of the student computers I have that was completely off had the fan running on full blast, the air shut off and the water fountains near the bathrooms cut off.

I thought this was just happening in my classroom and because of the my classroom number, you can imagine the jokes the kids came up with, so I ran next door to find that class in the dark as well. The temperature was on the rise in my classroom as well as the student complaints of how hot it was. By the end of the day, the power and air were back on, but the phones and Internet were still down. Apparently there was a power outage in the area that also affected McDonald's and Walgreen's.

As I was leaving the building, all of a sudden there was a beeping sound as well as the sound of church bells ringing through the campus. The intercom system seemed to still be going crazy.

Needless to say today was the longest day in the history of the universe and I am exhausted!!!!!

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