Monday, April 16, 2012

FCAT testing

This weekend did not allow me to line up my posts like I normally do, so I will post when I can throughout the week.

Today started FCAT for elementary, middle and high school students. FCAT stands for Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. This test determines whether or not kids can receive their high school diplomas when they take it in 10th grade. It is a high stakes test that stresses a lot of people out!

I was so nervous about the testing last night, that not only did I not sleep well, I had a bit of a nightmarish dream. Everything that could go wrong in regards to the test did go wrong in my dream. I woke up several times to realize that it was just a dream. My test material was messed up and parts were missing, I was late to school, I couldn't get in my classroom, the kids didn't listen when I asked to put away all electronic devices and I had to invalidate all of the tests.

LUCKILY....that was all just a dream!

Testing went very well today! I couldn't be happier with how things went in regards to the students I tested! Tomorrow is the second part of test! If you happen to be thinking about my students for whatever reason, wish them luck! I know many are stressed about it!

I mentioned this dream to one of my classes and one student said, "Do you have regular dreams?" He meant do I have dreams not related to teaching. I just laughed and said, "Of course I do!"  :)

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